Comparing Michael Jordan's and James' 38-year-old NBA statistics

LeBron James, 38, averages 28.9 points, surpassing the 22.9 points scored by Michael Jordan at the same age. However, James benefits from weaker defense in his era. He also has better rebounding stats with 8.3 compared to Jordan's 5.7. 

James is a skilled passer with 6.8 assists per game, potentially leading the regular-season assists if he prioritized it. In terms of steals, Jordan averaged 1.4, while James averaged 0.9. 

Jordan was a defensive standout and won Defensive Player of the Year. James has a slightly higher block average of 0.6 compared to Jordan's 0.4. Jordan's 2.7 turnovers per game are lower than James' 3. 2, reflecting their roles as scorer and playmaker, respectively. 

As for shooting percentages, James hits 50.0%, 32.1% on three-pointers, and 76.8% on free throws, while Jordan scores 41.6%, 18.9%, and 79.0%, respectively. 

Their different playing styles and offensive strategies reflect the eras they played in, with Jordan focusing on inside scoring and mid-range jumpers while James' era values three-point shooting. Despite being primarily a driver, James still achieves a shooting percentage above 50%.