How terrifying is the power of NBA stars?

1. LeBron's Immense Power LeBron James, the NBA star, is known for his incredible strength on the basketball court. His power can be seen in the way he leaves black marks on the floor after abruptly stopping during a game. This display of strength sets him apart and makes him truly great.

2. Li Gen's Struggle against Thompson Li Gen, a powerful player in the Chinese national basketball team, faced difficulties when playing against guard Thompson on the international stage. Despite his aggressive style and physicality, Li Gen struggled to dominate Thompson, illustrating the significant gap between Chinese players and those in the NBA.

3. Howard's Shattered Shot Clock NBA player Dwight Howard, also known as "Superman," has immense power. During a game against the Cavaliers, he dunked with such force that he shattered the shot clock. This display of strength shows that the shot clock was no match for him.

4. Chamberlain's Astonishing Strength Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his incredible strength, couldn't resist the power of his friend Wilt Chamberlain. A behind-the-scenes photo from their movie shows Chamberlain appearing even more powerful than Schwarzenegger. Chamberlain's strength is truly astonishing.

5. Malone's WWE Appearance Karl Malone, one of the strongest players in the NBA, participated in a WWE exhibition match and looked like a professional fighter. His muscular physique left a lasting impression on the audience, despite losing to Rodman.

6. Lawson's Terrifying Power NBA guard Ty Lawson's power is terrifying, despite his smaller stature. In a picture, his arm muscles are shown to be incredibly strong, comparable to the big men on the court. The impact of his elbow on Meyers Leonard's face is evident, although Leonard quickly recovered without signs of injury.