The long arms of active NBA stars are divided into 4 levels

When it comes to Leonard, his large hands and impressive wingspan are often mentioned. In the 2011 NBA Draft, Leonard was selected at 15th overall, while Butler was chosen at 30th overall. The picture shows Leonard dominating over Butler with a longer wingspan.

Gobert, with a height of 7'1" and a wingspan of 7'8", is the epitome of a successful slim center. Durant, known for his shooting abilities, also possesses incredible physical gifts. 

The picture of Durant blocking Paul's shot reveals his long arms. 

Both Davis and Antetokounmpo possess remarkable wingspans, which can be seen in their ability to cover a large area on the court. 

Bamba, with a wingspan of 7'10", has one of the longest arms in the league. Tucker-Farrell, with a wingspan longer than even the NBA training room doorway, is truly a spider-like presence on the court.