A breakdown of Jordan’s top 5 strongest opponents in his career

1. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, the dynamic duo. When Jordan joined the NBA, the Lakers and Celtics were dominating the league. Although Jordan had impressive performances, he hadn't reached his peak yet. 

2. Karl Malone and John Stockton, the Jazz duo. Malone was intimidating with his physicality, while Stockton used dirty tricks to go unnoticed due to his small size. 

3. The New York Knicks. Led by Patrick Ewing, the Knicks may not have been as talented as the Bulls, but they maximized their advantage in physicality, giving Jordan a hard time in the playoffs. 

4. The "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons. Infamous for their dirty play, the Pistons proved to be a major obstacle for Jordan. They defeated the Bulls for three consecutive years, making him doubt himself and his career. 

5. The Chinese Jordan. In the past 20 years, Jordan's company registered trademarks related to his Chinese name and basketball. After a legal battle, the Chinese Supreme Court