NBA star taking a photo with Yao Ming

1. In 2019, Kobe, serving as an ambassador for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, took a photo with Yao, and the height difference was noticeable, with Kobe looking much shorter. 

2. LeBron James and Yao Ming also had interactions, including a photo together, where LeBron appeared much smaller in comparison. 

3. Stephen Curry also took a photo with Yao, and despite being known for his skill and success in the NBA, he looked much shorter in the presence of Yao.

4. Kyrie Irving was another player who had a comical height difference when taking a photo with Yao, appearing much smaller in size.

5. Shaquille O'Neal, who was known for his dominating presence on the court, looked much smaller when posing for a photo with Yao, showcasing Yao's massive size. 

6. Lastly, Ben Wallace, known for his defensive abilities, looked almost dwarfed by Yao Ming's height, surprising fans with the stark contrast.