The top 5 NBA players with severe biases

Reggie Evans: 0 Points, 20 Boards Reggie Evans, a child from a troubled black community, developed a tough playing style influenced by his chaotic background. Known for his rebounding skills, Evans played as a power forward for teams like the SuperSonics, Nuggets, and Nets. In one game against the Raptors in 2006, he grabbed an impressive 20 rebounds, but failed to score a single point. This highlighted his limited scoring ability, but dominant rebounding skills. 

Andre Roberson's Struggles from the Free-Throw Line: 3 of 21 When Paul George and Carmelo Anthony joined the Thunder, Coach Donovan decided to keep Andre Roberson as a starter due to his strong defense.

 However, Roberson's scoring as a shooting guard was underwhelming. Opponents didn't bother guarding him outside the three-point line, and in some games, his free-throw shooting percentage plummeted to a dismal 3 of 21. 

Rajon Rondo's Lackluster Scoring but Astonishing Assists: 2 Points, 25 Assists Rajon Rondo is known as the "assist master" with exceptional playmaking skills. However, his offensive shortcomings have prevented him from gaining the same level of fame as players like White Chocolate or Magic Johnson. In a game last year, Rondo only scored 2 points but recorded a remarkable 25 assists, a rare combination.  

Tony Allen's Outside Shooting Comparable to a Center Despite being a shooting guard, Tony Allen was considered the most difficult defender to face by Kobe Bryant. Known for his defensive prowess and steals abilities, Allen's offensive game was limited to attacking the rim. His outside shooting ability was almost non-existent, similar to an underwhelming power forward, as shown in the 2K game. Dennis Rodman's Dominant Rebounding Performance: 0 Points, 28 Boards Dennis Rodman is renowned for his extreme specialization in rebounding.

 In a game against the Hornets in 1994, he achieved an extraordinary stat line of 0 points and 28 rebounds, surpassing his opponents' total rebounding. Throughout his career, Rodman had other impressive performances, solidifying his reputation as an interior beast. He famously stated that scoring was unnecessary when he could dominate the boards.