How much has your appearance changed since entering the NBA?

1. Manu Ginobili: Manu Ginobili, a former player for the San Antonio Spurs, is known as one of the most popular and respected international players in the NBA. Despite his changing appearance, Ginobili continues to make a significant impact on the court even at the age of forty.

2. Jeremy Lin: Jeremy Lin, also known as "Linsanity," is a player known for his versatile hairstyles. His constantly changing hairstyles have become a signature part of his identity.

3. Ricky Rubio: Ricky Rubio, a Spanish point guard, was once considered a heartthrob due to his sweet smile. However, when he joined the Utah Jazz, he grew his hair out, hiding some of his attractive features.

4. Steven Adams: Steven Adams, a center for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is known for his tough and physical playing style. From being a shy and reserved player to growing facial hair and donning a bun, Adams' change in hairstyle has matched his growth as a player. 

5. Chris Andersen: Chris Andersen, also known as "Birdman," has undergone the most dramatic transformation in terms of hairstyle. This evolution has solidified his nickname as the "Birdman." NBA players often face immense pressure both on and off the court, which can lead to exhaustion and injuries. Expressing themselves through personal style is one way they cope with this stress. As fans, we should appreciate the sacrifices they make and the personal struggles they endure while still entertaining us with their skills and performances.