Michael Jordan: A Basketball Legend's Immortal Performance

1. Jordan's One-on-One Skills: The basketball legend Michael Jordan became famous worldwide for his excellent one-on-one skills. His face-up and back-to-the-basket ratio in one-on-one situations were higher than other great players, reaching an impressive 60%. This one-on-one ability was a key factor in his efficient scoring.

2. Outstanding Scoring Efficiency: Jordan's average scoring reached a stunning 33.6 points per game, a number that is jaw-dropping in itself. What is even more noteworthy is that he achieved this scoring with an excellent shooting percentage of 52%. This achievement is particularly remarkable considering the absence of the three-point line and rule advantages during his era.  

3. Performances in Crucial Moments: Jordan always showcased his excellence in critical moments. During his peak, he displayed an astonishing scoring efficiency of 78.3 points per 48 minutes and a shooting percentage of 62.4% in crucial moments. His game-winning shots in the finals and exceptional performances in important matches have become immortal classics.

4. Teamwork: Despite being an outstanding scorer, Jordan was also adept at team basketball. His off-ball movement and awareness allowed him to create space on the court and provide opportunities for his teammates, making him a versatile player. 

5. Respect from Opponents: Many opponents and former players have expressed their admiration for Jordan's greatness. Numerous competitors, including Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, and Charles Barkley, have admitted to being in awe and showing respect for Jordan's dominance.