Jordan scared the American Basketball Association with one sentence!

1. Salary Exceeded Salary Cap: In 1996-1997, Jordan earned over 30 million dollars, surpassing the salary cap. The Bulls offered him 33 million dollars for the next season. 

2. Retirement Caused NBA "Earthquake": After the '98 season, Jordan's retirement almost led to the NBA's collapse. Fans stopped watching games and the 1998-1999 regular season was shortened to 62 games.

3. Prevent Thomas from Joining Dream Team: Isiah Thomas was excluded from the Dream Team due to Jordan's objection. He said, "It's either him or me!"

4. High-Stakes Gambling Before Finals: Jordan's gambling habit, including losing 750,000 dollars in Las Vegas the night before the 1992 finals.

5. Donated Salary to 9/11 Victims' Families: Jordan, a Wizards shareholder, returned to play at 38 and donated his first-season salary to the 9/11 victims' families, earning global admiration for his humanity.