Which NBA pictures are "fake at first sight"?

Shaquille O'Neal, known for his dominance in the NBA, owes it to his massive physique. The image shows his muscular arms, which may or may not be edited. Dwight Howard, who shares similar attributes, is also remarkable, especially his chest. 

The image of Howard shaking hands with Stephen Curry may or may not be edited. Even seemingly slender NBA stars like Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving are in great shape. Kobe Bryant, despite a fractured hand, continued training with his left hand. His physique is impressive, as shown in the image. 

Kevin Durant, a scoring machine, has a muscular physique similar to LeBron James'. The authenticity is uncertain, but rehabilitation training after an injury resulted in a chiseled arm muscle. 

Yao Ming and Wang Zhizhi's retirements left Yi Jianlian to lead the Chinese men's basketball team. Despite being 35 years old, Yi still maintains a youthful and disciplined physique, as seen in the image. The authenticity is likely accurate.