Only after fighting did you find out who the real brothers are!

Brotherhood in Basketball Brotherhood in basketball is a strong bond between teammates who support and protect each other on and off the court. It is exemplified by players like Steph Curry, who bravely defended his teammate, David Lee when he was bullied by Roy Hibbert.

This spirit of brotherhood was also seen in Vlade Divac, who stood up for his teammate, Yao Ming, against cultural differences and discrimination. 

Similarly, Tracy McGrady and Ron Artest showed their support for Yao on different occasions.

On the contrary, the lack of brotherhood was evident in the Celtics-Cavaliers conflict, where Celtics players rushed to help their teammates, while Cavaliers players remained indifferent. 

The most unfortunate incident was when Nick Young was attacked by the Suns, with only Kelly Oubre standing up to help. These instances highlight the importance of brotherhood in basketball.