Having been partners for ten years, why was Pippen so hostile to Jordan?

During their playing days, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had a good relationship. However, everything changed after retirement. So, why does Pippen harbor such animosity towards Jordan? 

Disparity during their time with the Chicago Bulls: 1. Pippen was overshadowed by Jordan. 2. Pippen didn't receive much praise or recognition internally or externally. III.

Post-retirement success discrepancy: 1. Jordan was seen as a basketball legend. 2. Pippen's career earnings were not substantial. 3. Pippen was deceived out of millions by his investment manager. 

Personal relationship and emotional trigger: 1. Pippen's ex-wife, Larsa, showed warmth towards NBA players.  2.Larsa is dating Jordan's son. 

This resentment originates from Pippen's overshadowing during their playing days and the subsequent success and connections Jordan obtained post-retirement.