Why Has Charles Barkley Not Spoken to Michael Jordan in 10 Years?

1: Charles Barkley, once best friends and fierce NBA rivals with Michael Jordan revealed in a recent interview that he hasn't spoken to the Chicago Bulls legend in 10 years. 

2: Barkley's criticism stems from Jordan's management of the Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets), where he bought a minority stake in the organization in 2006 and became the majority owner in 2010. 

3: Barkley said, "I'm concerned he's going to be successful...every yes-man in the world is around you. And I don't think he has good enough people around him to tell him no to his face if he's making the wrong decisions." 

4: Since Jordan took over the team, the Hornets' regular-season winning percentage stands at 0. 423, with three playoff appearances and no advancement past the first round. 

5: Barkley isn't one to backtrack on his comments either. "He's stubborn, I'm stubborn, that's all it is," Barkley said. 

6: Despite being in the same room together five times since their falling out, Barkley estimates, the two have not spoken. 

7: When asked what he would say to Jordan if given the chance to meet him now, Barkley said, "What I said, I meant it. I'm sorry you took offense to it. Let's get over these Bulls **** and go back to playing golf and having fun."