How terrifying is Jordan's physical talent?

1. Jordan's unmatched jumping ability: Michael Jordan's athleticism and jumping ability were unrivaled in history. He could reach a maximum vertical jump of 1.16 meters, surpassing even dunker Vince Carter's 1.09 meters. 

2. Jordan's mesmerizing hang time: Jordan's hang time was top-notch, as shown in a captivating GIF where he effortlessly dunked the ball with one hand while defenders touched the ground. 

3. Jordan's dynamic defensive skills: Jordan's jumping prowess extended beyond offense. He was able to fool a defender with a mid-air switch and block the shot, leaving the opponent demoralized.

4. Jordan's impressive static attributes: Jordan's massive hands allowed him to palm a pumpkin-sized ball, making stylish one-handed catches during games look easy. 

5. Jordan's explosive Achilles tendons: Longer Achilles tendons correspond to better explosiveness in the lower legs, and Jordan's talent extends beyond the screen. 

6. Jordan's muscular physique: Despite weighing just 98 kilograms, Jordan's well-defined biceps were visibly more muscular than his peers, dispelling notions of him being slender. 

7. Jordan's extreme body fat percentage: Rumors of Jordan's body fat percentage being as low as 3% are unlikely, but estimates suggest it was around 5%-7%, which is already an extreme level for NBA players.