Is the era of Michael Jordan stronger than today's players?

Witness of an era As an NBA legend, Michael Jordan has his unique insights into the current league. Jordan's era brought incredible games that cannot be surpassed. He has repeatedly stated that today's NBA cannot be compared to his era, citing many differences that make the modern league less competitive. 

In Jordan's view, the NBA in the 1990s was a time when the league was full of top players and superstars. It was a highly physical era, with intense collisions and stronger, more muscular players compared to the smaller players seen today. 

Another difference lies in the rules. In Jordan's time, the rules were not as strict, allowing players to play more freely, without restrictions that exist for today's players.  

Finally, there is a shift in the focus of the league. Nowadays, the NBA emphasizes technical playing styles, such as the prevalence of the three-point shot, whereas, in Jordan's era, players relied more on physicality and coordination. Unmatched physicality History cannot be changed, and the Jordan era has passed while the LeBron James era is ongoing. 

The NBA has undergone tremendous changes over the years, showcasing the progress of basketball. Players today have a more comprehensive skill set, focusing on rebounding, three-point shooting, and assists, which have improved compared to Jordan's time.