Jordan’s buzzer-beating shot in the 1998 Finals is a classic

1. Jordan's game-winning shot in the 1998 finals: Jordan's iconic shot in the 1998 finals against the Jazz highlighted his abdominal and coordination abilities. With the defenders falling down, he relied on his core strength and balance to shoot the ball from a distance.

2. Importance of core strength: Jordan's success was not solely reliant on his jumping ability but also on his waist and abdominal strength. This level of skill would be impossible for an average player, emphasizing the importance of abdominal and core strength in basketball. 

3. Single-action and double-action shooting techniques: Shooting in basketball can be categorized into single-action and double-action shooting. Single-action shooting relies on the power of jumping as a unit, whereas double-action shooting involves jumping first and then adjusting the shot. Both techniques require high abdominal and core strength. 

4. Power source in shooting: The power for effective shooting comes from the waist and abdomen. This power is crucial for both single-action and double-action shooting techniques, as it provides stability and allows for a greater shooting distance. 

5. Importance of timing in shooting: Most players, including Kobe, release the ball at the highest point of their jump with a brief pause. The longer the pause, the greater the demand for waist and abdominal strength.