Is Jordan really not as skilled as James?

1. Jordan's Technical Excellence: Jordan has displayed outstanding technical skills throughout his career. His scoring ability, explosiveness, and agility are his signature characteristics. His dunks, fadeaway jump shots, and hook shots have become classics in the basketball world. 

2. Jordan's Defensive Prowess: At the same time, Jordan is also unparalleled on the defensive end. His defensive awareness, speed, and reaction ability have made him a top defensive player. He has won the best defensive player award multiple times, demonstrating outstanding basketball intelligence and defensive skills.  

3. James' Skill Set: However, James is also a player with excellent skills. He can play all four positions on offense and has excellent scoring and organizing abilities. James' basketball IQ, passing vision, and ball-handling skills are his strengths. On the defensive end, James has also shown excellent defensive abilities. Therefore, it would be unfair to say that Jordan's skills are inferior to James'. The two players have their own characteristics and advantages in terms of skills. 

In summary, Jordan and James' skill levels are both top-notch in the basketball world. They have astonishing performances in scoring, passing, and defense. Both Jordan and James have achieved extraordinary success in their respective eras, becoming legendary figures in the basketball world.