Michael Jordan's Two Major Technical Shortcomings

Michael Jordan, known as one of the greatest basketball players in history, had two major technical shortcomings: defending against the perimeter and shooting three-pointers. Despite his exceptional skills, Jordan struggled with defending against the perimeter due to his lack of speed and agility. Opponents exploited this weakness in crucial games, leading to increased fouls and affecting his overall performance. 

Additionally, Jordan's ability to shoot three-pointers was considered relatively weak, with a shooting percentage of only 32.7%. This was partly due to his offensive style of preferring close-range scoring opportunities rather than practicing and improving his three-point shooting skills. Furthermore, Jordan lacked the desire to continuously improve his three-point shooting technique and mindset. 

Despite these shortcomings, Jordan's legendary status as a basketball player remains unrivaled. His contributions and the spirit of unity and determination he represented will continue to be celebrated. 

In conclusion, although Jordan had deficiencies in defending against the perimeter and shooting three-pointers, his exceptional abilities and legendary performances in other aspects make him one of the greatest players in NBA basketball history.