Why did Jordan change to No. 45 when he came back?

Why Jordan Changed to Number 45: In 1995, Jordan announced his comeback after retiring in 1993. He chose to wear the number 45 jersey instead of his iconic number 23 to signify a fresh start. However, after losing the first game of the playoffs, he faced criticism and mockery from Nick Anderson of the Orlando Magic.

Jordan responded by switching back to number 23, despite knowing he would be fined. The Bulls were fined $100,000 for allowing the change. Jordan led the Bulls to three consecutive championships before retiring again. He later wore number 23 with the Washington Wizards. Notably, the Miami Heat retired Jordan's jersey in a mixed color scheme, unlike other teams.

Trivia: 1. After Kobe Bryant's death in 2020, players were allowed to change numbers as a tribute. 2. Jordan once wore a "nameless" number 12 jersey in a game after his number 23 jersey was stolen, and he scored 49 points. 3. Jordan wore number 9 in the Olympics, winning gold medals in 1984 and 1992.