Who is the most handsome with the ball in one hand?

1. LeBron's Embarrassing Moments: LeBron James is known for his athleticism and one-handed grabs during games. However, he has also experienced embarrassing moments, like when he got stolen from behind after attempting a one-handed grab at the free throw line.

2. Giannis Scaring Fans: Giannis Antetokounmpo takes one-handed grabs to another level. During a game against the Trail Blazers, he scared young fans with a powerful one-handed grab and dunk as he charged past the three-point line.

3. Kobe's True Inspiration from MJ: Kobe Bryant emulated Michael Jordan, including one-handed grabs. Despite not having large hands like Jordan, Kobe enjoyed showcasing this move against opponents.

4. KD's Fake Clumsiness: Kevin Durant once joked that he couldn't do one-handed grabs, but he effortlessly displayed his ability to do so during training. However, this reminded people of his previous lie about being unable to perform the move.

5. Rondo, the Favorite Point Guard: Point guards typically use one-handed grabs less due to their smaller hands. However, Rajon Rondo, with his large hands, frequently performs stylish one-handed grabs.

6. Who is more stylish, Jordan or McGrady?: Michael Jordan's one-handed grabs were not only showy but also psychologically damaging to opponents. Tracy McGrady also captivated fans with his iconic red jersey and handsome one-handed grabs, especially among Chinese fans.