NBA big hand monsters

1. NBA player Leonard is famous for his massive hands, which are similar in size to Shaquille O'Neal's. In a photo, Leonard is seen holding two bottles in one hand, prompting readers to try it themselves. 

2. Tavares, standing at 2.21m tall, has hands even larger than Leonard's. In a photo shoot, he held a basketball with both hands, completely engulfing the ball. 

3. Boban Marjanovic, at 2.24m tall, used an iPad as a phone because his huge hands made using a regular smartphone difficult. Teammate Simmons teased him on social media for it. 

4. Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, effortlessly held the ball with one hand while playing. After retiring, he amazed the author by casually lifting a massive pumpkin with one hand. 

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo's hands are bigger than a female NBA presenter's. The length of his fingers alone almost matches the presenter's whole hand, showcasing the enormous hands of NBA players.