Inventory of Jordan's romantic history

1: Michael Jordan's First Wife Juanita, not a high-profile celebrity or a supermodel, caught Jordan's attention with her impressive figure. She became his first serious girlfriend and conceived a child with him. 

2: The Confession and Quick Wedding Juanita didn't immediately confess her pregnancy to Jordan, waiting for him to discover the truth on his own. She used the child as leverage and pushed him to marry her. Their quick wedding took place at 3:30 AM.

3: A Scandal and Misunderstanding Rumors circulated that Jordan impregnated a star named Nafearl, who demanded hush-money. Jordan agreed, but a paternity test proved no relation. He realized he had been tricked. 

4: Settling Down and Leaving Troubles Behind After their youngest daughter's birth, Jordan underwent a vasectomy to avoid further trouble. Juanita left him after 18 years of marriage when their daughter grew older. 

5: New Love and Another Wedding Jordan began a relationship with his supermodel wife Ivette. After divorce settlements and buying a luxury home, they celebrated an opulent wedding6: Jordan's Romantic Journey Jordan seems to have settled down with Ivette, giving birth to twins.