Why Michael Jordan, the all-around athlete, still can’t swim?

The all-round athlete still can't swim - he is afraid of water after his companion drownedEven though Jordan is good at basketball, baseball, golf and other sports, there is actually one event that he is not good at, and that is swimming. This is related to several incidents when he was a child.

In 1970, 7-year-old Jordan and a friend went to the beach to play in the water. Suddenly a big wave hit and swept them into the depths of the sea. Jordan finally climbed back to the shore, but his little friend never came back, which left a lifelong shadow on him.

Five years later, Jordan and his teammates won the Little League championship. During the celebration, the team jumped into the swimming pool. Jordan, who was sitting on a floating balloon, was knocked into the water by his teammates and almost drowned. Fortunately, he was People around him pulled him up in time. Even in the high school swimming test, Jordan only swam halfway and was saved by a tire thrown by the teacher.