Michael Jordan's poor college statistics are the fault of his coach

Many fans wonder why a superstar like Jordan, who averaged 28 points per game in his first year in the NBA, only averaged about 20 points per game in college?

In fact, this was mainly related to the coaching ideas of Dean Smith, the head coach of the University of North Carolina at the time. During the three years Jordan played for North Carolina, outstanding players like James Worthy and Sam Perkins were also on the team, and they had more seniority than Jordan. Coach Smith never gave Jordan more franchise, but instead emphasized the team's integrity, even after Jordan hit the game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA finals.

In 1983, North Carolina's performance declined, and public opinion began to accuse Smith's training methods of limiting Jordan's development. Later, a famous joke asked: Who is the only person who can make Jordan score less than 25? The answer is Dean Smith.