Interesting facts about Michael Jordan off the court

1. The Origin of Jordan's Basketball Career: Jordan's passion for basketball stemmed from his desire to impress a girl named Angela. Determined to catch her attention, he started playing sports, believing that girls preferred tall athletes. 

2. Larry, the Brother: Jordan's half-brother, Larry, who was significantly shorter than him, became his toughest opponent. Jordan admired Larry's skills and aspired to be half as good as him, which influenced his choice of jersey numbers.

3. NBA Debut and Lack of Confidence: Jordan lacked confidence when he entered the professional league. He felt overshadowed by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, and his only goal was to participate in one All-Star game.  

4. Unlikely Best Friend: Contrary to popular belief, Jordan's closest friend in the NBA was Bill Cartwright, a Caucasian center. Despite an incident where Cartwright charged at him, he always defended Jordan on the court. 

5. Toughest Defender: Joe Dumars of the Detroit Pistons was the most successful defender against Jordan. Despite being part of the "Bad Boy" lineup, Dumars maintained a gentleman's demeanor, making it challenging for Jordan to hate him.