How many NBA trivia do you know? Jordan is embarrassed to be on the list

Jordan's Weakness in Three-Point Shooting. Michael Jordan, the nearly flawless player, had a weakness in his game - his three-point shooting. In the 1989-1990 season, his shooting improved to 37.6%. 

Celtics' Focus on Teamwork. Despite their rich history, the Boston Celtics have never had a scoring champion. This shows their traditional style of play, prioritizing defense and teamwork over individual achievements. Their basketball culture is impressive. 

Jennings' Rookie Season 55-Point Game. In 2009, rookie player Brandon Jennings scored an incredible 55 points in a game, including 7 three-pointers. Rookies rarely accomplish this feat. Although his career faded, he had a memorable moment. 

Williams' Lack of Double-Double in ReboundsDeron Williams, known for his playoff victories with the Jazz, never achieved a double-double in rebounds. Even smaller guards like Curry and Paul have accomplished this. It highlights the traditional orientation of point guards in the past. Jumping during Free Throws Allowed.NBA allows players to jump during free throw attempts.