MVP trophy named after "Michael Jordan"!Tribute to Michael Jordan

Officially announced the details of the MVP trophy, the details are as follows:

1. The regular season MVP trophy is named after Michael Jordan. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. During his brilliant career, Jordan was elected regular season MVP five times.

2. This bronze trophy is an athlete crushing the rocks under his feet to touch the crystal basketball high above. The trophy's luster becomes brighter from bottom to top, and this "raw to refined" design symbolizes the effort and progress the MVP has made from entering the league to winning the NBA's most significant individual honor. This feeling of being within reach symbolizes MVP's endless pursuit of greatness.

3. The trophy is 23.6 inches tall and weighs 23.6 pounds. It represents Jordan's jersey number (No. 23) and the number of championships he won (6).

4. The base has five sides, symbolizing that Jordan has won 5 regular season MVPs in his career.

5. The hexagonal badge of the same name pays tribute to Jordan's six championships in his career.

6. The high crystal basketball has 23 sides, representing Jordan's jersey number.

7. The diameter of the crystal basketball is 1.23 inches, symbolizing the uniqueness of MVP and Jordan's legendary career.