Who can touch the top of the backboard? Only one folk god can do this

Wilt Chamberlain's ability to touch the rim has been questioned due to lack of evidence, as the claims are based solely on word of mouth. 

Similarly, Vince Carter, Russell Westbrook, and Ja Morant have verbally stated their ability to touch the rim, but without proof, these claims hold little weight. The NBA does not tolerate baseless claims, requiring evidence to back up such assertions. 

However, there is a young man named Eshiogu who can prove his ability to touch the rim. Eshiogu, at 23 years old, showcased his exceptional athleticism by touching the rim at a height of 404 centimeters during a tryout. Additionally, he has a remarkable vertical jump of 47.5 inches, surpassing Zion Williamson's 45-inch jump.