There are only 5 people in NBA history who are not for sale

It feels inappropriate to compare NBA stars to commodities, but the essence is the same.There are only 5 untouchable NBA players in history.

1. Michael Jordan: Led the Chicago Bulls to 6 championships and immense success. The bulls wouldn't trade him.

2. Tim Duncan: Cornerstone of San Antonio Spurs for 19 years. Sacrificed playing time and money. Contributions on both ends of the court were immense.

3. Kobe Bryant: Took on the role of Lakers' leader after Shaq left. Best shooting guard for at least 10 years. Led team to 2 championships.

4. LeBron James: Can choose where he wants to play due to his immense talent and value. Teams benefit greatly from his presence.

5. Stephen Curry: Face of Golden State Warriors. Led them to 4 championships. The impact goes beyond titles. Warriors would do everything to keep him