Do you know the past of Jordan when he was young?

1. A Disappointing Day: Michael Jordan and Smith attended basketball camp together, and while Jordan was clearly better, Smith made the school team while Jordan did not. Jordan was devastated and cried in private. 2. The Second Team: The assistant coach at Laney High School, Fred Lynch, explained that they wanted Jordan to practice more, so they placed him on the second team. Jordan excelled and became a key player, despite his agility rather than height, often scoring forty points.

3. The Popular Second Team: Jordan's outstanding performance made the second team games incredibly popular. The entire school team started arriving early just to watch him play.

4. Determined and Competitive: After being selected for the second team, Jordan's competitive spirit grew stronger. His coaches noticed this change, and even opponents admired his tenacity and dedication to the game.

5. Jordan's Youth: From his early years playing basketball to the time he was selected for the school's second team, Jordan always had a sense of urgency. He was the hardest working player and would try to motivate his teammates or convince the coaches to do so.

In this period, Laney High School formed an exceptional basketball team, and Michael Jordan began his journey as a rising basketball star.