Jordan: When I was young, I never thought of collaborating with the magician and Byrd

Is there a shortcut to winning the championship? This question may not have existed in the NBA more than a decade ago, but now almost everyone can come up with a unified answer, which is the superstar group. From the Heat to the Warriors, it has been proven that superstar alliances greatly reduce the difficulty of winning the championship. Nowadays, football stars are increasingly not rejecting such shortcuts, but previous stars were not!

Jordan was beaten to tears in the playoffs and never surrendered to the enemyFrom 1988 to 1990, in the three year playoffs, Jordan led the Bulls to encounter the Detroit Pistons, the Bad Boys. Jordan, who lacked a helping hand, was eliminated by the Pistons three times, which made him disheartened. After being eliminated for the third time, he sat on the team bus and cried to tears.

But Jordan did not choose to join the Pistons, nor did he choose to recruit superstar teammates. When the Heat Big Three was established, he said, "When I was young, I never wanted to call Magic and Byrd because I only thought about how to defeat the strongest opponents!