Revealed 41 years later: Michael Jordan’s thrilling brush with death!

As a freshman with the University of North Carolina Tar Heels in 1982, Jordan gained newfound fame after making a clutch shot in the NCAA finals against Georgetown. As a local celebrity in Church Hill, young Jordan was invited to attend a prison ministry tour.

While playing basketball with prisoners, he pulled off a stunt by placing a watermelon on his stomach and letting a man in a black belt cut it with a samurai sword. Unexpectedly, this stunt went wrong and Michael Jordan was stabbed with a knife, requiring three stitches to close it.

According to reports, swordsman Michael Caine has successfully completed more than 1,750 such stunts, but only 16 of them resulted in an accident. As a result, Michael Jordan became a member of the list of infamous "Slice of Cain" people responsible for the stunt.