Wearing matching shirts, who is ugly and who is embarrassed!

1. Gucci hoodie: LeBron James, James Harden, and DeMar DeRozan all wore the popular hoodie to a press conference, creating a unified team look. Among them, Harden stood out as the most stylish in the hoodie. 

2. Paul George and Brandon Ingram: Both players wore the same sweater to the arena, but George's accessories and blue pants made him look more fashionable, while Ingram's appearance seemed a bit awkward with the sweater paired with a shoulder bag and skinny jeans. 

3. Kyle Kuzma: Known for his good looks, Kuzma attracted many female fans during his time with the Lakers. His glasses and simple gray sportswear gave off a sweet and innocent vibe.  

4. LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant: When James and Bryant wore the same undershirt and suit off the court, Bryant's elegant style, especially with the addition of a white pocket square, earned him the win in this fashion face-off. 

5. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant: During a visit to the new Chase Center, Curry and Durant both wore fluorescent green construction suits and white helmets, but Curry had a more affluent, boss-like aura compared to Durant's seamless blending with the construction