How difficult it is to see NBA stars through their scars!

1. Pierce: 11 Stab Wounds Young Pierce was stabbed 11 times in a nightclub dispute. Despite the deep wounds, including one that damaged his lungs, Pierce showed resilience. He left the hospital after three days and returned to training camp a month later. The experience made him grow up, quit the nightlife, and become the soul of the Celtics.

2. George: Steel Nail Implanted in Calves In a 2014 match, George's right calf was severely fractured while defending Harden. To fix it, doctors implanted steel plates and numerous nails. George's perseverance paid off as he returned to the court after recovering, proving he is still one of the best forwards in the league.

3. Rose: Scary Knee Scar Rose's knees have suffered due to four major surgeries. A journalist captured a 10 cm scar on Rose's knee during a recent China tour. Combined with his painful falls, it is a heartbreaking sight. While we don't expect him to reach his peak again, we hope Rose can still shine silently.

4. Kobe: Almost 30 cm Achilles Scar Kobe's Achilles tendon rupture ended his career's peak. Photographers in China spotted his shocking Achilles scar that spans nearly 30 cm. Despite the setback, Kobe made a comeback, inspiring the younger generation with his Mamba mentality. His greatness goes beyond talent and luck.