What would happen if all the stars returned to their hometowns to play?

1. Washington Wizards: The Washington Wizards have an explosive offense, with a lineup that includes talented players like Durant, Anthony, and Gay. Lawson leads the team as the point guard and Peak Hibbert provides a strong defensive presence. With great offense and defense, they are strong contenders for the championship.

2. Los Angeles Clippers: The Los Angeles Clippers have a talented quartet with Westbrook and Harden in the backcourt, and George and Leonard on the frontline. However, they lack an inside presence, as Williams alone is not enough to guard the paint.

3. Chicago Whirlwind: The Chicago Bulls have a lineup that is envied by other cities. The backcourt combo of Rose and Wade creates doubts for opponents on the perimeter. Davis and Parker form a talented attacking frontcourt duo, with Tony Allen as the defensive gatekeeper.

4. New York Road to Recovery: New York has become stagnant, but if they gather stars from the city like Noah, Faried, Irving, Walker, and JR Smith, they could become a powerhouse in the East. However, their defense needs improvement.

5. Dallas Mavericks Twin Towers: The Dallas Mavericks once pursued Bosh and Aldridge, and if they had the Twin Towers combined with Dirk Nowitzki, Smart, and Miles, they would be one of the strongest teams in Texas.