4 teams with huge gaps in vision in the past 20 years

Worst Vision: Timberwolves Missed Opportunities The Timberwolves have been on a downward spiral for years. In 2009, they had chances to turn things around but made terrible choices. They passed on Curry and DeRozan for Flynn and Rubio. In 2010, they skipped over Cousins and George. In 2011, they missed out on Leonard and Thompson.

None of their picks, except Rubio, made a significant impact. Kings' Regrettable Picks The Kings also made disastrous choices. Besides Cousins, their selections have been questionable. They assessed Robinson's physical data wrongly in 2012. And their past good picks like Douby and Liu Wei couldn't save them. They missed out on Evans and Thomas due to the team's dysfunction. 

Best Vision: OKC Trio and Spurs' Bargain Hunting OKC Thunder's draft choices have been exceptional. Westbrook was an unexpected success, chosen over Love and Lopez. They then formed the "New Big Three" with Harden. 

The trio, along with Ibaka, could have built a dynasty. The Spurs, on the other hand, excel in finding hidden gems. Ginobili and Parker were drafted low, leading to years of success. Leonard was another non-lottery pick turned star.