Why does Jordan play basketball? A little girl achieved him

There is a story that says that when Jordan was a child, he fell in love with a beautiful girl named Angela. Angela tied two small braids on her head and had big watery eyes on her face, which became the favorite of many boys.

In order to please Angela, Jordan changed his bad habit of sleeping in and got up early in the morning to take a seat on the school bus. However, Jordan didn't expect that no matter how much Jordan was attentive, Angela was ungrateful and always liked to sit with those big guys who played basketball well.

Jordan was small at the time and had average basketball skills. Since this incident, Jordan has vowed not only to engage in sports in the future, but also to play the ball better than others, with the aim of showing Angela the world more of him. Jordan said, "If you ask me why I want to play, that's my original intention.