NBA’s hidden kinship ties

Carter is T-Mac's cousin. They both played for the Raptors and were known for their incredible athleticism. In 1997, T-Mac discovered that Carter was his cousin during a family gathering. This strengthened their bond, and they were even drafted by the Raptors together. 

Damian Lee is Curry's brother-in-law. Some believe that Lee only stayed in the NBA because of his relationship with Curry. However, every NBA player has their own talent, and Lee has also had his shining moments before. He shouldn't be mocked for his connection to Curry. 

Tyronn Lue is Tatum's uncle. Lue is Tatum's cousin's father, and they even have a common friend named Larry Hughes. This explains why Tatum had a photo with LeBron James when he was younger, as he already had a connection with him through Lue. 

Doc Rivers is Curry's father-in-law. Seth Curry, Stephen's brother, is married to the daughter of Doc Rivers, the head coach of the 76ers. Therefore, Curry is Rivers' son-in-law, and Curry's brother and brother-in-law are also in the NBA. The Rivers and Curry families have a strong presence in the basketball world.

Gerald Green is Danny Green's cousin. Among the many Greens in the NBA, Gerald and Danny are actually cousins. Gerald is known for his dunking skills, while Danny is a sharpshooter for the Spurs at the time. They even resemble each other in appearance.