Recent photos of Jordan exposed, his wife has a proud figure

Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, and his wife Yvette Prieto were seen leaving a Paris restaurant together, showcasing their enduring love.

Jordan's Strong Physique: Despite being 60 years old, Jordan maintains an impressive physique, unlike many retired NBA players. His discipline is commendable. 

Jordan's Clear Attitude: Jordan's 60th birthday party excluded his son Marcus Jordan's girlfriend, Larsa Pippen, suggesting disapproval of their relationship. 

Age Difference: Jordan opposes Marcus and Larsa dating due to the significant age gap between them. Yvette Prieto, Jordan's second wife, looks stunning in a black dress during their outing.  

Yvette's Exquisite Beauty: Yvette possesses delicate facial features and bright, wise eyes that enhance her charm. 

Yvette's Graceful Figure: Yvette's pursuit of physical perfection is evident in her captivating, elegant figure. 

Yvette Vs. Larsa: Jordan finds Yvette more appealing than Larsa, as Yvette's natural beauty and gentle disposition are more pleasing. Title: Jordan's Love Life Jordan fell instantly in love with Yvette when she was a model, and they married after five years of dating. They now have two children.