Jordan: I have always had an idol, he is the football king Messi

1. . Jordan's Praise for Messi's Skills: Jordan commends Messi's skills, agility, and ability to break through opponents' defense with speed and precise ball control.

2. Keys to Messi's Success: Jordan values Messi's humility, team spirit, and prioritization of the team's interests over personal achievements as the keys to his success.

3. Preference for Messi: While acknowledging Cristiano Ronaldo's talent, Jordan personally prefers Messi's playing style and personal qualities.

4. Influences on Jordan's Choice: Jordan's admiration for Messi is influenced by his exceptional skills, selflessness, personal qualities, and contributions to football.

5. Messi's Standout Qualities: Messi's creativity, speed, ball control, selflessness, and contribution to team coordination stand out to Jordan.