Why did Jordan divorce Juanita after 17 years of love?

 In 1986, Jordan, plagued by injuries, met Juanita, who would become his life-saving support during a difficult period. 1987 Juanita informed Jordan that she was pregnant, and he proposed. However, this issue caused some disputes between them. Fortunately, they entered into marriage in 1989. 

How much compensation did Juanita receive? Jordan's reputation was at its peak, with frequent scandals and a lack of time spent with his family. In 2003, Juanita had reached her limit, feeling she had no place in Jordan's life. As a result, she officially filed for divorce.

For Jordan, divorce was not a simple matter. At the time, Jordan's net worth was $398 million, and due to previous disputes, he signed a postnuptial agreement that favored Juanita regarding property division. To settle the divorce quickly, Jordan paid $168 million, a 25,000-square-foot mansion, and granted permanent custody of their three children. Juanita's divorce settlement propelled her to become one of America's female billionaires, surpassing Hollywood stars. Jordan had to sacrifice a significant amount of money to obtain freedom. 

However, due to the financial loss, he missed the opportunity to become the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats in 2006. In 2013, Jordan found happiness again and started a new life with Brazilian model Yvette Prieto.