What do NBA stars look like when they “get fat”?

1.Lillard's weight gain has become a laughing matter, with his eyes resembling rooster eyes. He used to be somewhat handsome, but now he's been turned into a chubby guy with barely visible neck.

2. LeBron James has been sporting a big beard for many years, aiming to divert attention from his receding hairline. Despite his discipline, he looks quite out of shape .

3.Zion Williamson hasn't seen much change since he was already overweight. Fans even call him "Fat Tiger." If he ends up looking like in the photos, retirement might be his only option. 

4.Stephen Curry is naturally cute with his baby face, so even though he's been Photoshopped to look pudgy, he still looks adorable.

5.Russell Westbrook is quite charming, but after gaining weight, he not only has a double chin, but also a triple chin. His face has become bloated, and playing with such a physique would be a real struggle. 

6.Giannis Antetokounmpo is still at his peak, and he maintains strict self-discipline during the offseason. His weight gain hasn't been drastic, but he looks a bit tired.