It turns out that Michael Jordan still has a big weakness, which is hilarious

Why is Michael Jordan known as "God" in basketball? His flawless skills on the court make him almost perfect. NBA legend Ray Allen stated that Jordan has almost no weaknesses. Though LeBron James is considered one of the greatest players, Allen believes Jordan is the all-time best. 

Jordan's game consists of everything from mid-range shooting to low post offense. He dominates the game in his position. However, off the court, Jordan is not as perfect. He has a messy personal life, and his talent for choosing players is often ridiculed. 

As the owner of the Hornets, Jordan's selection skills are questionable. He made the biggest mistake by picking Kwame Brown, a failure. The Hornets have only made the playoffs three times under Jordan's ownership, never advancing past the first round. 

Other team owners always find gems, but Jordan's choices fade away. The subject of fans' ridicule, Jordan's poor talent selection has become his biggest weakness. When he gave up control of the Hornets, the team finally started to prosper.