Top 5 players who lie about their height

1. Nate Robinson: The Official Height is 175cm, Actual Height is Around 170cm. Nate Robinson, the short player in the NBA 175cm, actually stands at around 170cm. Despite lying about his height, Robinson's energy is unmatched.

2. Ben Gordon: The Official Height is 191cm, Actual Height is Around 185cm . Ben Gordon, known for his sharpshooting skills, was with the Bulls. People often overlook his height of 191cm. However, Gordon stands at around 185cm and lied about it. As a shooting guard, he relies solely on his scoring ability and lacks organizational skills. 

3. Jason Collins: The Official Height is 213cm, Actual Height is Around 204cm. Jason Collins exaggerated his height by almost 10 centimeters. Standing at only 204cm, he struggles to play as a center due to technical limitations. His explanation for the exaggeration involves using shoes, inserts, and multiple pairs of socks to reach a height of almost 6 feet 11 and a half inches. 

4. Ben Wallace: The Official Height is 206cm, Actual Height is Around 201cm . Wallace's coach discovered his actual height when he was young. Assigned to the guard position, this angered Wallace. Despite having the height of a guard, he remained intimidating in the paint, averaging double-digit rebounds and three or more blocks per game during his peak seasons.  

5. Kevin Garnett: The Official Height is 211cm, Actual Height is Around 215cm. Unlike other players who exaggerate their height, Kevin Garnett reported a shorter height. He wanted to avoid playing as a center and instead played power forward. Regardless of his height, Garnett remains known as the "best ball-handling big man" due to his brilliant skills rather than his height.