The 5 most “stupid” moves of the Lakers

Lakers' Offer to Pelicans Insults Anthony Davis: The Lakers made a disrespectful offer to the Pelicans after Davis requested a trade, hindering his potential joining.

Lakers Face Void with Randle's Departure: Releasing Randle, Lakers believed Paul George was secured but failed to attract veteran players to fill the void. Costly Decision-Making with Mozgov and Deng signings: Lakers wasted cap space on Mozgov and Deng in 2016 instead of signing big-name players. 

Mozgov Trade Uncovers Unexpected All-Star: To rectify mistakes, the Lakers traded Mozgov for Lopez, giving up Russell who excelled with the Brooklyn Nets as an All-Star.

Loss of Paul George due to refusal to trade Ingram: Lakers missed out on George as they refused to include Ingram in the trade. 

Lakers Uncertain on Next Moves: While successful in signings like LeBron James, Lakers can't solely rely on young players in the competitive West. Time to Strengthen Team and Contend for Championship: The Lakers need to bolster the team and aim for a championship while James is at his peak.