7 styles of decoration renderings

1: Light luxury styleThe light luxury style is mostly based on simple hard decoration design and uses marble, metal, glass, mirror and other elements with luxurious temperament to create a rich sense of layering for the space, thus demonstrating a high-quality life style. .

The brass inside not only has the coldness and hardness of steel, but also retains the literary and artistic temperament permeated in the bones. It can also deduce a different beauty in the collision with wood, glass, ceramics and other elements.

It makes people feel cold and hard, but also has a literary and artistic temperament. The "light" in the word "light luxury" means low-key, and "luxury" means luxury. However, this kind of luxury is not the superficial wealth, but the connotation of nobility. Although it is a simple design, it is not random, but carefully considered.

It reveals the purity and purity of life, and it combines luxury and connotation.

2: New Chinese styleNew Chinese style is gradually produced from traditional customs and styles. Traditional Chinese style has been accumulated for thousands of years and exudes a strong oriental aesthetic sentiment.

However, with the changes of the times, this traditional decoration style, characterized by strong colors and complicated carvings, can no longer meet the aesthetic needs of modern people, so the "New Chinese Style" has been derived.

The new Chinese style is life, design, and art. It is deep and elegant that is beautiful to the core. It carries historical stories and preserves historical heritage.

Three: modern minimalist styleModern minimalist style emphasizes simplicity but not simplicity, removing complicated things and adding useful things! The space looks very simple and grand, with few decorations, but very thoughtful and orderly in terms of color and layout. The modern minimalist style caters to the preferences of young people.

In the busy life of the city, we have long been tired of the life of living outside. In the busy work, we prefer a quiet, peaceful, spacious and comfortable home to eliminate Exhaustion at work.

Four: European styleEuropean style represents romance, sophistication, and taste. It is an attitude that is unwilling to settle. European-style exquisite design, through the processing of details, makes the space elegant and grand, full of romance and elegance.

Elegance and sophistication never go out of style. People who pursue life and value life more prefer European style. It has a strong cultural atmosphere. In terms of furniture selection, large and exquisite furniture is generally used, coupled with exquisite carvings, to create a gorgeous, noble, luxurious, warm and grand feeling as a whole.

Five: American styleAmerican decoration style originated from the United States, and its main feature is simplicity. Generous and functional, focusing on pragmatism, the American style has simple design and rough lines, reflecting a retro and luxurious feeling. I like large spaces and open layouts. The American style is full of warmth and natural flavor. The decoration style, with rough lines, embodies a retro and luxurious feeling.

These five styles are good examples in terms of color matching and function. If you taste them carefully, you can find many places worth learning from and find inspiration for decoration. Hope there is a design style you like.