Michael Jordan's childhood

1. Lack of interest: Michael Jordan had only one interest as a child - basketball. He couldn't find any passion for other sports or activities. 

2. Laziness: Despite growing up in a poor family where physical labor was inevitable, Jordan never showed any interest in it. He admitted to being lazy and never mowing the lawn or doing any other chores. 

3. Rebellion: When his relatives worked as tobacco harvesters, Jordan hurt his back on his first day and never returned to the fields. He rebelled against any household chores assigned to him and would hire other children to do the work for him. 

4. Talent in basketball: Jordan's passion laid solely in playing basketball or any other competitive sports. He started playing in his backyard and won the North Carolina State Youth Basketball Championship at the age of 12. 

5. Intense training: Jordan trained tirelessly, day and night, with his brother Larry in their backyard. He had incredible jumping ability and believed that the NBA was calling out to him. 

Michael Jordan's name became known worldwide after entering the NBA.