NBA Players with Enormous Hands

1: Hibbert Struggles NBA player Hibbert, known for guarding against the Heat's Big Three, has been struggling lately. Standing at 7'2" with 26cm palms, he looks like brushing his teeth when holding a microphone.

2: O'Neal's Dominance O'Neal, one of the most dominant big men in the NBA, had enormous hands and feet. With a height of 7'1", "Big Shaq" found it difficult to type or play games on his phone. In golf, it seems like he's playing marbles.

3: Tavares' Intimidating Presence Tavares, recently released by the Cavaliers, has massive palms. Standing at 7'3", he can almost engulf the ball in his hands, making it look like a ping pong ball.

4: Leonard and Antetokounmpo's Impressive Hands Leonard and Antetokounmpo, two of the hottest small forwards in the NBA, have huge hands. Compared to a female host's hands, they suddenly become baby hands.

5: Bogut's Hand Size The Pistons' center, Bogut, stands at 7'3" with hands bigger than his head. When he shook hands with a reporter, the difference was evident. He jokingly tweeted about survival if he slaps someone.