5 unknown things about Jordan!

1. MJ and His Tongue: Michael Jordan is known for sticking out his tongue during games, a habit he inherited from his father. This signature move has also inspired other players like Kobe Bryant. 

2. Brotherly Inspiration: Jordan's older brother, Larry Jordan, was a better basketball player in their youth and mentored him in the sport. So MJ chose to wear number 23, half of his brother's number 45, throughout his career. 

3. Charity in Action: After 9/11, Jordan donated his entire season salary and millions from his savings to the families of the victims. He humbly stated that he did what he could to help.  

4. Heat's Respect for MJ: In 2003, the Miami Heat retired Jordan's number 23 jersey as a tribute to him, despite him never playing for the team. The decision was made by Heat leadership who were all fans of Jordan.

5. Legendary Dunk: Dunking over Patrick Ewing in the NBA 2K14 video game is considered by Jordan himself as his best career moment. This remains one of his greatest highlights.