Trivia! Jordan also wore No. 12, do you know why?

As we all know, the NBA today has a history of 73 yearsSo do you guys know these trivia facts?

1. Wade, who won the NBA championship three times, is the Flash in the hearts of fans. He earned a total of US$199.8 million in his career, and sacrificed a total of US$30.7 million during this period.

This includes the 24.8 million that were proactively cut during the Heat's Big Three era, and the 5.9 million that was sacrificed through a buyout with the Bulls in 2017 in order to go to the Cavaliers and reunite with James.

From this point of view, Wade is really a good leader who puts the overall interests of the team first!

2. The San Antonio Spurs have always been one of the most interesting teams in the NBA.

Now, although the team has lost Leonard, they have collected seven dragon beads, oh no, "seven virtue beads"!

In addition to team manager RC Buford, there are also players Aldridge, DeMar DeRozan, Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, DeMarre Carroll, Drew Yo Banksy…

Could it be that Mr. Popovich wants to convince others with his "virtue"?

3. As we all know, Jordan wore No. 23 for most of his career, and No. 45 with the Wizards. But he also wore No. 12?

In 1990, during a game against the Orlando Magic, Jordan's No. 23 jersey was stolen before the game. Without a spare jersey, he wore the No. 12 "unknown jersey" to play.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Joe scored 49 points in that game!